Off-Platform Ads

Drive traffic from social media, search engines, and the open internet to generate higher conversion and broaden the reach of your store on Tokopedia.

Meta Collaborative Ads

Extending your marketing reach beyond Tokopedia while focusing on performance - Through Meta Collaborative Ads, advertisers can engage Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger users who have shown interest in similar products, magnifying your reach across the biggest social media platforms.

Together we can:
  • Strengthen your brand’s market position by reaching a wider audiences outside Tokopedia.
  • Target high-intent audience through Tokopedia first-party data.
TikTok Video Shopping Ads

TikTok Video Shopping Ads

Showcase your Tokopedia products and promotions on TikTok, the go-to platform for a vibrant, young digital audience drawn to captivating content.

Together we can:
  • Amplify your brand’s presence by connecting with vast audiences beyond Tokopedia.
  • Pinpoint high-intent users leveraging Tokopedia's first-party data to improve performance.
  • Get an accurate picture of campaign performance with Tokopedia low funnel conversion reporting.
Open Internet - The Trade Desk Programmatic Ads

Open Internet - The Trade Desk Programmatic Ads

Leverage the global outreach of The Trade Desk paired with Tokopedia's high-intent customer insights. With this synergy, elevate your brand's presence across the vast expanse of the open internet, targeting discerning users on news portals, websites, blogs, OTT/CTV, music streams, and online gaming platforms.

Together we can:
  • Broaden your brand’s exposure to over 450 million users worldwide, beyond just social media and on-platform Tokopedia placements.
  • Assess open internet performance with our proprietary full funnel measurement.
Marketing services

Want to run a digital marketing campaign managed by experts but without the hassles? Tokopedia Marketing Services (Marvis) got you covered.

Bid farewell to operational complexities and ineffective ad placements which can lead to low sales and ROI.

Introducing Marvis, Tokopedia's exclusive in-house campaign manager. We offer end-to-end media planning and purchasing solutions, enabling brands to design, deploy, and refine their off-platform ad campaigns. 

With access to Tokopedia's first-party data, brands can sharpen ad targeting and unearth insights for enhanced performance.

From ad novices to those looking to amplify their off-platform campaigns, count on our expertise to drive your objectives forward.

Other Marketing Solutions