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Boost brand awareness or supercharge your sales - Tokopedia Marketing Solutions is dedicated to helping your brand reach its objectives.

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Maximize ROI and elevate your brand with Tokopedia Marketing Solution’s “3 Highs”.

  • High reach

    High Reach

    Raise your brand’s awareness across 99% districts covered by Tokopedia

  • High impact

    High Impact

    Generate revenue by driving transactions, delivering effective ROI and measurable results.

  • High credibility

    High Credibility

    Proven track record in helping SMB and big brands across different industries to succeed

Solutions to Fit Your Goals

Range of marketing solutions tailored precisely to meet your brand's objectives

  • Tokopedia On-Platform Ads

    Engage with your most relevant audiences both during their browsing journey and when they are actively searching for specific products on Tokopedia.

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  • Marketing Packages

    Marketing Packages

    A diverse range of advertising products designed to support brands in achieving their objectives with simplicity.

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Case Studies


Effectively utilized Tokopedia Marketing Solutions to boost sales across diverse product segments, including the premium sector, even in the absence of new product launches.
  • Revenue Uplift


  • Order Uplift


  • ROAS


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Discover the latest industry and consumer insights to keep you ahead of market trends and behavior

Frequently Asked Question

What Are the Benefits of Tokopedia Marketing Solutions?
  • High Reach: Broaden your brands audience reach across 2/3 of Indonesian household served by GoTo.
  • High Impact: Going beyond conventional placements, Tokopedia Marketing Solutions help your brand generate revenue by driving transactions, delivering effective ROI, and providing measurable results.
  • High Credibility: Proven track record in helping SMBs and big brands across different industries to succeed.
What Types of Brands Benefit from Tokopedia Marketing Solutions?
  • Tokopedia Marketing Solutions have empowered a diverse range of brands, from SMBs to multinational corporations, enabling them to expand their reach and attain sustainable, measurable business growth.
  • Please visit the case studies section to see how brands of all sizes and categories, from SMBs to multinational corporations, have harnessed the potential of the e-commerce platform with Tokopedia Marketing Solutions.
How Can I Get Started with Tokopedia Marketing Solutions?
  • Ensure that your store has an active Tokopedia account and phone number verification. Then, businesses can reach out to their Relationship Manager (RM) for detailed explanations of the packages offered by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions and the payment process for each package.
  • If you don't have an RM, you can also contact or fill out the “Contact Us” form here.
What Is the Minimum Budget for Using Tokopedia Marketing Solutions?
  • Tokopedia Marketing Solutions has empowered a diverse range of brands, from SMBs to multinational corporations, enabling them to broaden their reach and attain measurable, sustained business growth.

    The minimum budget for using Tokopedia Marketing Solutions varies according to the objectives of your brand and the agreed-upon ad placements. Our priority is to craft an optimal marketing strategy that seamlessly aligns with your objectives and budget while producing exceptional results and unlocking the full sales potential of your brand.
Which Marketing Solution Best Work For My Brand?
  • Each advertising product has its strengths and works best when used synergistically. The choice depends on your brand's specific objectives. Reach out to your RM or AM for consultation on the most suitable advertising products to achieve your goals.
How Does Tokopedia Marketing Solutions Differ from TopAds?**
  • Tokopedia Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive marketing solution provided by Tokopedia, serving businesses of various sizes and types to enhance their presence on the e-commerce platform and foster sustainable growth.
  • TopAds, on the other hand, is one of the products available within Tokopedia Marketing Solutions. It allows businesses to prominently display their products at the top of search results. TopAds encompasses several types, including Product Ads (highlighting individual products) and Headline Ads (featuring both the store and products).
Is There a Minimum Store Requirement for Using Tokopedia Marketing Solutions?
  • Generally, we offer two ways to make use of our advertising products. The first option involves our expert team managing it on your behalf, ensuring optimal results. The second option allows brands to manage it themselves, particularly for specific advertising products.

    For the most effective outcomes, entrusting your ads to our expert team is recommended. To qualify for expert management, your store should have at least a Power Merchant category. However, even brands below the Power Merchant category can still access our advertising products through a self-injection method on
Could I manage my ads by myself?
  • For optimal results, we highly recommend entrusting the management of your ads to our experts at Tokopedia Marketing Solutions. This way, you can dedicate more time to refining your business strategy while we expertly handle ad placement to maximize your sales.
What is the metrics of success from my placement?
Every ads product have a different metrics to determine its success. However, generally we define success by seeing the ROAS that your campaign generate vs benchmark in each categories. Our marketing consultant will help you to define your objective and expected ROAS before we set up a campaign.
What ROAS means?
  • ROAS stands for Return On Ad Spend, a metric that measures the amount of revenue your business earns for every dollar you spend on advertising.