Tokopedia On-Platform Ads

Engage with your most relevant audiences both during users' browsing journey and when they are actively searching for specific products on Tokopedia.


Tokopedia's flagship ad products designed to help brands generate the most number of sales with the highest return on investment. TopAds boost your product/store visibility to the top of search results page.

Together we can:
  • Increase product exposure and improve sales conversion
  • Increase traffic and product discoverability

Tokopedia Display Network

Tokopedia Display Network (TDN) is a performance-marketing advertising product designed to increase the visibility of your promotions across various strategic locations within Tokopedia's platform. Through TDN, your promotions gain exposure on the Tokopedia homepage, wishlist, inbox, search page, and beyond. This comprehensive reach allows you to effortlessly connect with millions of users across Indonesia's two favorite super apps.

Together we can:
  • Increase product exposure and improve sales conversion
  • Reach to high-intent audience beyond the Tokopedia platform

Search Channel

Boost the visibility of your promotions within Tokopedia's search feature, one of the platform's most popular tools. The Search Channel Ads include Autocomplete, which suggests your products or store as users type certain keywords, and Popular Search, showcasing your products as top choices among Tokopedia users.

Together we can:
Enhance user experience and satisfaction by delivering ads that are relevant to their shopping interests.

Communications Channel

Rich media placements powered by Tokopedia internal targeting capabilities. Engage potential users directly in their inboxes and connect even when they are away from Tokopedia platform.

Together We Can:
  • Build direct interaction with potential and existing consumers (Broadcast Chat).
  • Encourage user engagement, particularly when they are not actively using the app (Push Notifications).

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