Tokopedia Marketing Solutions Research on Ramadan 2022 to Maximize Sales in Ramadan 2023

    13 Oct 2023

    Tokopedia Marketing Solutions Research on Ramadan 2022 to Maximize Sales in Ramadan 2023

    Tokopedia Marketing Solutions Research on Ramadan 2022 to Maximize Sales in Ramadan 2023

    13 Oct 2023


    Jakarta, 23 February 2023 - Ramadan is always a moment that Indonesian people, including brands, look forward to. A report shows that as many as 9 out of 10 Indonesians plan to shop during Ramadan this year*. Around 80% of digital consumers will maintain and even increase their use of digital services in 2023**.

    On the other hand, based on Tokopedia's internal data, during Ramadan 2022, people will still choose e-commerce to shop for Ramadan needs. "This is proven by an increase in the number of product page views on Tokopedia by more than 50% and gain in the number of orders by more than 77%," said Tokopedia's Vice President of Marketing Solutions, Edwin Chayadi.

    Half of Total Orders on Tokopedia Ramadan 2022 Use Free Shipping

    Tokopedia's research on Ramadan trends 2022 shows that people started looking for and shopping for all that they need for Ramadan a month earlier. The highest searches and purchases occur in the first to third weeks of Ramadan, or when the Hari Raya Allowance (THR) is distributed.

    Fashion, Automotive and Accessories, Food and Beverages, Household, also Smartphones and Tablets are some of the categories most sought after by people throughout Ramadan 2022.

    Several product categories with the highest number of transactions include Fashion, Food and Beverage, Health, Automotive and Accessories, and Household Items. Subcategories that also experienced a surge in demand include Hampers and Decorations, Spices and Cookware, Gaming, Travel Equipment and Beauty.

    Edwin added, "Cashless payment methods are the most popular for shopping for Ramadan needs, either via inter-bank transfers, digital wallets, credit cards or GoPay Later Installments. In addition, more than half of orders during Ramadan 2022 are shipped with free shipping."

    Tokopedia also collaborates with more than 14 trusted logistics partners to provide a variety of delivery options–such as instant, same day, next day, shop courier, regular, economy and cargo–to accommodate various consumer needs and preferences.

    TopAds by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions Optimize Business Opportunities in Ramadan

    Seeing consumer trends in Ramadan 2022, business people of various sizes can prepare marketing strategies ahead of Ramadan 2023 with Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, which is a comprehensive marketing solution from Tokopedia to help business people in Indonesia achieve promotional goals and generate sustainable business growth.

    Brands can take advantage of various promotional channels offered by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions. One of them is on the Tokopedia main page, namely using banners in premium locations (Homepage Banner), banners in other strategic locations (Dynamic Channel), interactive games with prizes (Tap Tap Kotak), and video streaming channels (Tokopedia Play).

    "Throughout Ramadan 2022, Tokopedia sees that audience like promotions packaged in the form of entertainment. That can be seen from the increase in number of orders by 44.4% when Tap Tap Kotak went live, and there was also gain in number of orders via Tokopedia Play by 60.5%," explained Edwin.

    With Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, brands can also carry out promotions on search pages, for example with advertising features so that products appear at the top of the search page (TopAds), using banners that appear at all consumer touchpoints (Tokopedia Display Network), as well as displays product as a popular search (Popular Search).

    Brands can also advertise on notification and message pages (including Broadcast Chat), as well as maximize social media advertising using Tokopedia's richer targeting features (Marketing Services).

    Kintakun and Garudafood sales in Ramadan 2022 will soar with the support of Tokopedia Marketing Solutions

    In Ramadan 2022, Kintakun, a local brand that operates in the bedding sector such as bed sheets and covers as well as home living products, is launching the exclusive Kintakun x Ji Chang Wook package on Tokopedia by utilizing a comprehensive solution from Tokopedia Marketing Solutions for a whole month. Kintakun uses Homepage Banner, Dynamic Channel, Tokopedia Play, TopAds, Tokopedia Display Network, and Marketing Services.

    "By using Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, Kintakun recorded an increase in orders of 52% and gain in revenue of 95% during Ramadan 2022," said Kintakun's Chief Operating Officer, Vincent Saputra.

    Meanwhile, Garudafood, one of the largest food and beverage companies in Indonesia, also uses comprehensive marketing solutions from Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, to maximize sales by being present at all consumer touchpoints.

    Garudafood Marketing Director, Ferry Haryanto, said, "We launched 55 variants of hampers exclusively on Tokopedia during Ramadan last year. With the help of Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, we managed to record an increase in the number of orders by 143% and gain in revenue by 179% during Ramadan 2022."

    Tokopedia Marketing Solutions Helps Brands Prepare for Ramadan 2023

    "Seeing the significant results from the utilization of Tokopedia Marketing Solutions by various brands including Kintakun and Garudafood in Ramadan last year, and the high public interest in shopping during Ramadan this year*, other businesses of various sizes can also prepare marketing strategies ahead of Ramadan 2023 with Tokopedia Marketing Solutions," said Edwin.

    This year, Tokopedia #CompleteRamadan (#LengkapiRamadan) for everyone through various attractive offers and a series of campaigns, such as Brand Bazar Pilihan, Ramadan Ekstra, Serbu Official Store, Waktu Indonesia Belanja, and Cantik Fest. Brands can participate in various campaigns–and using Tokopedia Marketing Solutions–to generate sustainable business growth, including during Ramadan 2023.

    "The solutions we offer are also increasingly diverse with the integration of Tokopedia with other business units in the unified GoTo ecosystem. We will continue to strive to help brands of various scales to accelerate their business performance on Tokopedia and the GoTo ecosystem, to help digitally equalize the economy," concluded Edwin.


    *Riset The Trade Desk, 2023